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Liz Box 

CEO/Health and Safety Specialist


Liz Box is an NSC Instructor Trainer and CPR and First Aid Instructor. In additional she is a  Verified Specialty Instructor through SUNY Health and Safety with the NYS Early Learning Development System. She has over 20 years experience in the field in various roles including business manager, assistant director, trainer, and mentor. Additionally, Liz serves as a CDA instructor and advisor as well as serving as a National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) Observer. She has been trained through NAFCC in specialty training for Family Child Care Providers. 

Liz is currently working as mentor and trainer for family child care providers who are part of the Quality Stars New York pilot program. Liz’s prior experience includes her experience at the Nassau County American Red Cross where she developed a specialty department for both Center Base and Family Child Care Programs.

Liz is the recipient of the American Red Cross Employee Excellence Award-Professional and New York State Assembly Certificate of Merit in 2008. Liz is a certified American Red Cross and National Safety Council trainer for the following classes: CPR, First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, Babysitting, Pediatric First Aid and Save the Children U.S. Child-Friendly Spaces Program which assists families in time of disaster so that children will have a Healthy environment in their time of need. 



Stephanie Dockweiler 

President/Child Development Specialist


Stephanie Dockweiler received her MA in Early Childhood Education from Brooklyn College and her BS in Child Development from Iowa State University. She also holds NYS Permanent Certification for Nursery School through Sixth Grade. She has devoted her entire 26-year career to the field of early childhood education. Her experience in the field includes working as a teacher, an early care and education director, a NAEYC Accreditation Facilitator and as an Early Childhood Trainer.

As Executive Vice President of the Early Childhood Development Group, She was responsible for curriculum development, implementation and supervision of all training programs that they provided.As Vice President of First Class Child Care she supervised all of the early childhood programs as well as developed and implemented the staff development programs.

As Executive Director for the Coalition for Child Care of Nassau County, she was responsible for training child care center staff and administration in preparation for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Accreditation process. She was also responsible for securing grants and establishing and cultivating relationships with the funding sources. Using a grassroots approach, she had the opportunity to improve the lives of children and families in Nassau County.

As Director of the John F. Kennedy Child Care Center in Canarsie, NY. she experienced a vast array of issues dealing with children, their parents, her staff, and the community that she served.She also served as an Accreditation Commissioner for the NAEYC, making accreditation decisions for programs around the country. She has a humanistic management style and believes that respect and hard work by all team members makes for a stronger unified bond, which in turn makes a stronger unified organization.



Valentina Janek

Business Development Manager

 has had a variety of corporate, community, human resources, recruiting, and consulting positions in the field of financial marketing, media-public relations, publishing, technology, human resources, fundraising and event management. Most recently, Ms. Janek worked for the County of Nassau Housing Unit developing the Employment Assistance Resource Network which was then transferred to Department of Social Services Employment Department. Previously, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at AFS Financial Systems and Director of Marketing at ARS Financial Services Inc. Prior to the financial world, Valentina worked as the Administrative Operations Manager at CMP Media for 10 years.  Prior to CMP, Valentina worked in corporate management at Compaq Computer-Hewlett Packard for ten years.  Her career spans over decades starting with Vernitron Corporation, handling investor relations and the day-to-day operations.Valentina Janek was the President & Founder of the Long Island Breakfast Club, an organization providing advocacy, support, career, and employment counseling and referrals to prepare individuals for productive employment. Most recently, Janek was selected for leadership in business and the community for the 2010 Execuleaders Leadership Award for Community Service, L’Esperienza Magazine Most Valuable Person Award for Exemplifying the Italian American Experience, Long Islander of the Week from Newsday in 2010 and the Unaugural Class of 2009’s “Fifty Around Fifty Awards” on Long Island in the Long Island Business News.



Janiva Jones 

Programs Manager/Instructor


I am a mom, an ASHI &  National Safety Council First Aid &CPR instructors, AV Coordinator, creative and  I am great with computers,  I have been an early childhood educator for over 13 years.I hold a CDA and  NAC Credential and I am currently working on my degree in early childhood.But most of all I am an eager, upbeat woman enthusiastic to learn new skills so I can be an asset to those around me, and sharing my skills as well. I am diligent, hard-working, responsible and willing to try new thing. I love what I do. I love to teach skills that will help others to save a life. 




Juan E. Vallejo 


Ecuadorian-American educated at City College in NYC, Viet Nam veteran and fluent in Spanish. Has held jobs in the corporate sector including as director of an an after-school program for children with disabilities. A certified First Aid and CPR instructor for the last fifteen years. Husband of 47 years with 3 children, 2granddaughters, a grandson and another granddaughter on the way. The Vallejo family believes in giving back by being active volunteers in the community.





Joan Capobianco







Megan Levine






Joanne Levine


Joanne Levine, Daycare Provider,  Instructor Trainer, CPR/FA Instructor.  I have been instructing CPR and First Aid classes for 15 years.  To me, learning how to save a life, is the most important skill a person can learn.  I took my first CPR and First Aid class, when my children were young, it gave me the confidence to care for them when they fell off their bikes, twisted an ankle running or if they choked on a piece of food.  I knew after that class I needed to help empower people with these life savings skills.  As a Daycare provider I have used skills when a child, while running, fell and scraped their knee, alerted parents to their child's infected bug bites, helped a child when they bit their tongue and cared for a child that had a seizure until EMTs arrived.  Taking a CPR, First Aid Class was the best thing I have done. 






Miguel Arroyo





Save a Life with QS2 is dedicated to offering you all possible techniques in CPR and First Aid. We strive to bring you training devices to help you learn the best way to perform your skills.  We contiually bring professional development to our teams of instructors to offer you the best training possible. 


Qs2 Training and Consulting was established in 2009. Our vision is to build strong relationships in the communities to save lives.  QS2 was originally developed to mentor early childhood professionals on child development and developmentally appropriate  practices.  Since the conception of QS2 we have included National Safety Council Pediatric First Aid ,CPR with AED/ EPI Pen and ASHI training.  We have expanded our training to offer our expertise to all communities in New York State.

CPR for the Professional Rescuer

Advanced First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Babysitting Training

Basic First Aid and CPR

Pediatric First Aid and CPR

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